Hey there! I’m Ashleigh, your Lead Family and Event Photographer! I am a wife, doggy mommy, and rom-com lover. I am also a sentimental sap! Seriously, all the feels! I love all things Christmas and can never ever get enough of the Hallmark Channel (c’mon…Countdown to Christmas, Golden Girls, need I say more?!).

I am so lucky to get to do what I love. Sounds a little cliché, but I promise it’s true! I am honored each time someone trusts me to document an event or milestone in their lives. I believe your portraits should be frame-worthy and spark emotion. I look forward to creating wonderful memoires with you!

Thanks for letting me help you remember the journey!


Meet The Artist Behind The Lens

I never want to stop making memories with you

my "why"

Kimarie Photography began with the deepest belief that a picture can tell a story. All too soon we realize that children don't stay small forever, families expand at rapid speed, and years pass with the blink of an eye. And, if you're a sap like me, then you know that these moments are precious.

A photograph is just as precious. It will be these images that you will have to reflect on for years to come! I learned at an early age that I loved taking photos when my mother bought me my first Kodak camera. I loved to photograph every little thing that I could, which makes for great stories today.

Photography started as a hobby, but quickly became a passion after the untimely passing of my Godmother (or Nanny as we New Orleanians like to say). It was then that I understood the true value in photographs and the awesome stories they told. Photography isn't just snapping a picture... anyone can do that. It should be personal.. visually expressing unconditional love. Genuine smiles. Organic and unfiltered. This personal touch is the goal for each client of Kimarie Photography.